Top 5 Electric Skateboards To Buy For Kids

Kids and teens do love skateboards, don’t they? Are you looking out for the right skateboard for them? If electric skateboards are your choice, there are plenty of options to choose from. A good skateboard should take care of all safety aspects to protect your child.
And kids being kids, it’s important that the skateboard withstands their rough and tough use and provides a safe, sturdy ride. So what are the best skateboards for your kids? We bring you a review of the best skateboards you can choose for your kids.

Kids Electric Skateboards

NameImageMax SpeedRangeMax Weight
ACTON BLINK Lite img-110 mph5 miles180 lbs
Dynacraft Surge img26 mph8 miles145 lbs
Airwheel M3 img320 mph12 milesN/A
Swagboard NG-1 img411 mph10 miles176 lbs
Skatebolt Wirelessimg-520 mph15 miles250 lbs.


One of the lightest skateboards around, kids would love it for the high-tech feel it has. It easily pairs via Bluetooth to an app which can set various modes, track distance and routes and much more. It offers a decent range of up to 5 miles and cruises at 10 mph. A great pick for kids and teens, it offers smooth cruising and good brakes- a must for kids.
The only downside is that it’s not waterproof and should not be ridden in the rain. The shape of the deck is also uncomfortable for a few experienced riders. Overall, an ideal pick for your kid’s short distance commutes!



Dynacraft Surge

For those who are used to a classic skateboard, the Dynacraft Surge is a right pick. For those looking at speed as the main factor for your kids’ safety, this skateboard offers just 6 mph, making it slow and safe. The maximum weight it can endure is around 145 lbs. While it is quite okay since we are looking at kid’s options, you could not get adventurous and try to use it.
Lasts for a good 8 miles on a single charge, we loved the battery duration. The 3-speed wireless remote control allows your kids complete control over the board and the board is wide which helps precise balancing. Overall we recommend this for those who prefer a classic skateboard design and smaller kids.



Airwheel M3

This is a rather expensive option but great for all kids who are adventurous and take skateboard riding seriously. It’s awesome to ride on all terrains and has built-in damper masses and rubber tyres which increase durability, stability and anti-grid features. It offers an optimised skating experience and is bidirectional. We love the fact that it offers a 20 mph speed and supports a max load of 100 kg. The deck is made of Maple Wood and the top layer has a grip tape which is safe for kids.
You get a range of 12 miles for less than 2 hours of charging. How cool is that? Ideal for those kids and adults with little patience waiting for charging time! We promise, if you buy this for your kids, you will end up sneaking in more rides than them. The only downside? It isn’t waterproof, but all other features are as good as it can get!



Swagboard NG-1

Another company which offers great ridables, Swagboard electric board is a good pick for teens and kids with a decent build and good specifications. Nothing extraordinary, but the board is made of maple wood, offers good support and you have a wireless remote control to take charge of your board speed. You get a top speed of 11 mph which is good for kids and a range of around 10 miles. A great option for commutes up to a few miles for your teen!
The board is UL 2272 certified, and follows all safety specifications and is recommended. Swagboard comes with a one year warranty and offers a great ride for your kid. Recommended!



Skatebolt Wireless

The best skateboard for kids who love adventures; this is an amazing product which can cover up to 15 miles in one charge. We picked this as its safe for both kids and adults and you could try it too! The deck lights provide safe riding for kids at night too and maintenance is easy and convenient. It is strong and works smoothly even on steep hills. The deck is made of high-quality material and is sturdy. The braking system is smooth and the 90mm motors are powerful to offer a smooth ride. Go for it if long range and high-speed skateboards are what you are looking for to gift your kid or teen.


Go ahead, indulge your kids with this useful gift and make their commutes easier. If you loved any electric skateboard you chose for your kids, do let us know in the comments below.

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