Raldey Boards Review – The Most Powerful Off Road Electric Longboard

Juang Xu is the founder of Raldey Boards with many firsts to his name. He started working on electric skateboard R&D in 1998. He produced the world’s first electric skateboard in 2007 which had a brushless motor and was controlled by remote. In 2008, Juang developed the world’s first electric skateboard “Raldey Boards”. They have now become an established name in the electric skateboard industry. Their hub motor electric skateboards started becoming popular in 2015 and their boards provide durability and stability. All the electric e-boards that Juang produces are well designed and had excellent build quality. Read on to find out more about the Raldey Brand and their range of skateboards.
Raldey Carbon AT

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What’s available on Raldey Board?

The best skateboard from Raldey Board is the Raldey Carbon AT. Besides this, you get various skateboards parts. The Raldey Carbon AT is priced at US$ 899.00 and ships within 10 business days from China. The Raldey board is not waterproof. However, it is water resistant to small puddles.

Why choose Raldey Skateboards?

Raldey has powerful motors which are the 6368 which has higher torque and better acceleration and performance.

  • It has a 100% Japanese T700 carbon fiber which is lightweight and sleek
  • Fire-safe battery which is a polymer and is safe and reliable
  • Powerful, high current single motor working to 20A
  • 195mm wheel diameter, wheelbase enlarged to provide stability
  • Double Kingpin truck
  • Sleek Design of the Raldey board hides all electronics inside its carbon fiber body for its slender body.
  • Regenerative Breaks that actually recharge your batteries as you brake.

Raldey Board Features

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One Year Warranty

All Raldey Boards come with a 365-Day standard Warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. Raldey boards are built using some of the best configurations of motors, controllers, and batteries


The Raldey Boards are available with tax-free shipping to more than 68 countries. Free Shipping to 68 Countries Tax-Free (Most Countries Tax included in the price, except some expectation Countries, please check details here). Free shipping is available to almost all countries.


Raldey has plenty of positive reviews for its state-of-the-art skateboard and is considered one of the best off-road skateboards in the industry. It is rated well by most customers. Here’s a look at the ratings.

  • Overall Rating – 4.6/5
  • Features – 4.7/5
  • Price – 4.4/5
  • Customer Support – 4.5/5


We loved Raldey for the wonderful features of the off-road skateboards they offered. We were particularly impressed by their motor and the power which makes it great for both beginners or pros. Do check out their site and you would love to buy from them.