5 Best Electric Skateboards of 2020

Are you bored of traditional skateboards and wanna try something new? Then, electric skateboards are the right ones for you. These ridable tech devices have taken the world by storm and are the best you can have for personal transportation. Now, with so many humungous skateboards to choose from, how do you go about discovering the right one for you? After considerable research, we’ve rounded up the 5 best ones for you. Take note, all you seasoned skaters as well as newbies out there!

The Best Electric Skateboards of 2018

Ideal for Beginners: Maxfind Max C

Maxfind Max CWe thought it would be a great idea to go with beginners who are trying to explore the electric rides available and we’ve picked this one just for you. This is for all you office-goers and students out there. It’s uncomplicated, lightweight and an ideal companion for quick travel.

Best Features we loved What could be improved
Sleek, incredibly light  There is no telephonic customer support
Powerful MotorA bit rickety when it’s steep uphill
Can easily climb hills
The built-in battery which can charge ultra-fast
Cruise Mode for enjoyable riding


Weight: 5.5 kg
Waterproof (dust and rain)
60 mins Charging Time
Max Climbing angle: 25 degrees
Top speed: 28km/h – 17mph
Average Maximum Mileage: 16Km
Maximum Loading Weight: 100 KG

What happened when we tried it?

To give you an idea about our trial, we found the board to be really fats. The powerful motors can propel the board even at a climbing angle of 25 degrees. We attained a speed of up to 17 mph but it depends on your weight. Its waterproof meaning you can ride it safely even in rainy conditions.
Pricing: $349

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

RazorX Cruiser Electric SkateboardThe new lithium-powered skateboard is a budget skateboard for those who are not looking out for something too expensive. It is designed for anyone from nine-year-olds to older people and there’s no compromise on the fun aspect. The boards are smooth, easy to ride and comes to a joystick for speed control.

Best Features we loved What could be improved
Looks good Modest speed of 10 mph
Suitable for children Heavier than regular boards
  Long runtime
  Very responsive joystick
Cruise Mode for enjoyable riding


Max Rider Weight: 100 kg
Product Weight: 12 lb
Battery: 22V lithium-ion battery pack, rechargeable (UL2271)
Includes: Wireless (2.4 GHz), digital remote with a wrist strap (replaceable), battery charger
No assembly required

What happened when we tried it?

Since it supports up to 100 kg, those on the heavier side can also sneak in a ride. We found the board a bit slow yet the control offered by the joystick was amazing with smooth acceleration. The speed is ok for those who are less adventurous. On a fully charged battery, you get around 40 minutes.

Best Budget Board: The Blitzart X-Plore

Blitzart X-Plore SkateboardThis radically designed electric board is an electric skateboard with a graphic design and used for simple rides.

Best Features we loved What could be improved
Good speed Slow charging time of 2.5 hours
Powerful Motor
Flexibility and sturdy board
Long lasting battery up to 7 days


Product Dimensions: 38 x 10 x 5 inches
Weight: 13 pounds
Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries
Speed: 17 mph
Range: 8 miles
Motor: 350 watts motor
Ergonomic Wireless Remote
Weight: 5.5 kg

What happened when we tried it?

We loved the smooth ride it offers but does not try flips or spins on it. The powerful motor ensures you get a good speed even if you are on the heavier side. We loved the maple wood deck which is stronger than normal boards and gives a sturdy feel.
Pricing: $279


ACTON BLINK S2 SkateboardThis is a small and light board for those not too adventurous. It’s fast and durable with some interesting features like LED lights underneath the skateboard to illuminate the road at night. And we loved the fact that when the battery is off, it behaves like a traditional skateboard.

Best Features we loved What could be improved
LED lights for illuminationLimited Warranty
Connects to apps to track routes, rides and log milesLow battery has low braking efficiency
Doubles up as a traditional skateboard
15 mph top speed
Sturdy and Strong


Weight – 10 pounds
7 Miles Range
Regenerative Braking
3 Ride Modes
Speed 15 MPH
15% Incline Rate
Signature Safety LED Lighting
Wireless Remote Controlled

What happened when we tried it?

We loved how it behaved on long city rides, and the speed it gave. The design is lightweight and will be loved by beginners and pro. We also loved the safety features.

Yuneec E-Go2 Longboard

Yuneec E-Go2This is the most expensive of the lot we tried. The cost is justified since it is a high endurance board with the most powerful motor of the lot. The speed reaches up to 18 mph and its broad availability is what strikes us.

Best Features we loved What could be improved
ReliableNot as thrilling for the price offered
Easily available3 hours charging time
18-mile rangeStruggles on steep hills


Shape ensures you have more control and better steering
Variable speed control up to 12.5mph
Two riding modes
18-mile range
400W motor
12 mph

What happened when we tried it?

The ride is mind-blowing with a smooth feel and a powerful motor. We found the charging to be a bit slower and a great board for moving around town. A slight delay in acceleration was felt at times but all other factors like sturdiness, good rides, and safety features made up for it.
Pricing: $539

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