The 7 Best Skateboard Tricks You Never Knew Of

When you learn the various techniques of skateboarding like basic movement, balancing, pushing, ceasing, turning and falls, then it is time to learn basic skateboard tricks. Skateboard tricks are those movements that are performed on a skateboard. They are a sort of trick which makes one look stylish on the skateboard. Practice is primary when one learns up these tricks. There are some particular tricks that every skater would love to do. If looking to start these tricks, one should keep some aspects in mind. Basic skateboard tricks also are a reliable starting point for long-term skater feels.

Here are the 7 Best Skateboard Tricks for You


If by any chance that you have not been performing Ollie yet, you have not started skateboarding. Most aces and pros will disclose to you that they learned Ollie first. This trick includes lifting up your body while your skateboard is on the ground. When you perform this trick, you have to twist your knees previously lifting your body and guarantee that the tail of the board contacts the ground first. You should begin step by step by doing little bounces and jumps. As you show signs of improvement at this, you can attempt higher and longer hops.


To perform a grind you should perform a ledge or pull an Ollie with two trucks on the edge of the rail. These trucks should be slide over a rail surface as soon as your balance on a skateboard top. A 50/50 grind is very similar to 50/50 as you can only do it back truck. For a nosegrind, you should grind on the front truck.


When you are comfortable and balanced on your skateboard and also your speed is increasing, you should learn tick-tacking. When a comfortable balance is established when you stand and can move your skateboard wheels, then the tick tack must naturally come. It organically comes and is an incredible approach which additionally makes and strengthens your agility and balancing especially while skateboarding.

Heel-flip Trick

Heelflip resembles kick-flip and the main contrast is that the former is performed an inverse way. Here, dissimilar to the kick-flip, you raise the nose of your board with your back foot. Begin this trap in an Ollie position and make utilization of your back foot to lift the head of your skateboard starting from the earliest stage you make the jump. While you are still up like in the air, put your front foot on the board’s nose and flick the board utilizing your back rear area. The minute you’ve flipped the board, you will then land back utilizing your feet to hold the board.

Nose Manual

Subsequent to acing the tick-tack, attempt manual/nose manual next. A manual is a move in which you attempt to adjust or balance on either front or back arrangement of wheels relies upon the set you incline toward. This move is outstanding amongst other approaches to improve balance on the skateboard. In spite of the fact that it might require a significant stretch of time to become accustomed to this move, yet don’t stress, you, in the end, will have the capacity to pull the moves over long separations. You should begin with small distances.

Pop Shove it 360 Trick

This trick is finished by somewhat raising your front foot up on the skateboard and gradually scooping the tail of the board utilizing your back foot. In the event that you do this trap properly, you will have the ability to get the board to turn 180 degrees noticeable all around. Much the equivalent as other trap composes; this trap needs much deliberateness to be performed precisely. Else, you may overturn the skateboard.

Chinese Nollie

To pull off the Chinese nollie, you ought to just give the skateboard a slight push forward to bob the front wheel against the split. This will make the skateboard to take off the ground. What makes this trap basic is that you just need to figure out how to complete a little skip on the nose of your skateboard to perform it. Simply recollect that you are not pounding the nose in the ground- – you are simply just lifting up the back wheels while the lay stays on the ground.

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