Enjoi Skateboards Discount Codes and Exclusive Review – Colorful and Durable Boards

Who doesn’t love new skateboards? If colorful ones are your fancy, then choose the Enjoi skateboard decks. These are amazingly fun-filled boards that will make one want to buy it immediately. It looks compact, eye-catching and is extremely durable. It is very slick and is best for people of all ages. They have an iconic logo and has been a pioneer in skateboarding equipment since 2000. They have cartoonish graphics and a variety of colorful images. They are extremely strong and made of high quality North American maple. Their bright logo and colors make it look lovely and catchy. Let us know more about the product.

What makes Enjoi Skateboards Unique?

  • High-quality North American maple
  • Epoxy resin glue construction
  • Branded and been in the business
  • Wide range -from beginners to experts
  • A set of 10 skateboard bearings on every purchase
  • Sleek and compact design
  • ABEC-7 rating and so the product is verified high quality
  • Stable and durable
  • Grip against any surface

Best Products of Enjoi Skateboards

enjoi Barletta Brain Waves
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Enjoi Stripes
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Enjoi Barletta Kiss Metallic R7

This is a maple design that is a mellow concave of width 8. It has 100% 7 ply maple with epoxy resin glue It uses a single deck press and a full tail and nose.

  • Long deck life
  • Strong pop
  • Stronger than industry standards
  • 30-day guarantee

EnjoiRaemers Brain Waves

A Ben Raemers pro model that has a full tail and nose. It has a steep kick and 7 ply maple. It looks amazing and is beginner friendly.

  • 30-day guarantee
  • It is highly tolerant
  • It is compact and looks sleek

EnjoiSlimer Panda

A premium board that is best for experts and is made of 100% Canadian maple. It looks amazingly colorful and looks very interesting. The slime graphic looks great and has a single deck press that is same shape and concaves always.

  • Stronger than industry standards
  • Longer deck life
  • Guarantee against breakage

Enjoi Stripes Panda

This is a resin hybrid maple construction with a steep kick. It is stronger than 7-standard ply of the industry. It offers for easy balance and is both best for beginners and experts. The stripes deck when gliding on roads will grab eyeballs.

  • 90 days guarantee
  • Strong pop
  • Longer deck life
  • 100% Canadian maple

How to get Enjoi Products at Best Prices?

One can sign up for a newsletter to get $5 off. They also have seasonal discounts, blazing offers, and gift cards. This will reduce prices and get one of the most viable prices for the products. They have promotional codes that one will get free gifts, sale items and also get the best price.

Shipping Policy

They have free and affordable shipping for orders over $100. For orders below $100, one will get an affordable flat rate. This offers a customer friendly shipping policy.

Refunds and Returns

Refunds and exchanges are possible within 4 weeks from the date of purchase. This is when you can exchange and refund your item keeping the original tag and condition. This is to be sent back by registered post.

Bottom Line

Assembling these skateboards is easy and with the attractive looks, it is more. The product quality is high and can absorb pressure and stress remaining durable. It is reliable due to good wood used in construction. The easy shipping returns and guarantee policy makes it worthwhile.

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