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Story Bikes was born as a result of the fascination with electric bikes. They have a mission to enhance the way students commute. The goal of electric bikes is to get people back on bikes and living healthier lifestyles. The best part is that riders will have a positive impact on students in developing countries since for every purchased, a bike will be donated to children in Africa, South America or Southeast Asia, to get transportation to school.
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Features of Story Bikes

All their electric bikes are powerful and expertly built helping you travel up to 45 miles and at speeds of up to 20 MPH. This is done with the help of Story’s 6 different levels of pedal assist.

For every Story Bike that is purchased, we will give a bicycle to a person in Africa, South America or Southeast Asia, a true one-for-one donation program that we’ve established as one of our core missions. You can ride anywhere on a single charge. You can maximize your range by relying less on the motor and more on your output.

  • Practical Design – minimal design and premium parts
  • Technology – 36v 7 AH Samsung Rechargeable Battery
  • 350 Watt Rear Hub Motor
  • Torque Sensing Crank
  • Crystal-clear LCD screen positioned squarely between your handlebars
  • Aluminum frame offers the perfect ratio of stability, durability, and flexibility
  • Powerful integrated 36v battery to charge your phone or tablet on your ride to work
  • Easy Maintenance

More on Super Bikes

Ride to work, the beach, grocery store, and back home on a single charge. These superbikes are powered by a 36V battery.

  • 7 Speed Step Through Bike
  • Single Speed Road Bike
  • 9 Speed Road Bike
  • Charging Cable

Every element of a Story Bike is selected carefully and sourced to create a sleek look giving you an optimal ride. The onboard computer keeps you in the know about your speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level. You can also monitor your battery level which helps you keep track of the last time you charged your Story Bike.

The fast, responsive and reliable shifting is possible with gears which incorporate specifically positioned shift ramps. The Hydraulic disc brakes deliver maximum stopping power and provide speed modulation in all weather conditions. They have specialized ThickSlick tires which provide optimal protection and ensure a smoother ride. The tires are indestructible and designed to have double the rubber strength of a conventional bike tire providing complete safety.

Ride hard and fast! The aluminum frame of Story Bikes provides stability when sprinting and climbing. The frame’s stiffness allows for a better transfer of energy. Also, aluminum is resistant to rust so riding on those rainy days will not be a problem. The battery is hidden in the down tube so that the bike looks like a bike. This sleek design lets you power around in complete stealth.

Where can you buy Story Bikes?

You can buy them on their very own website or on sites like Amazon for the best prices.

Some of their best bikes include:-

  • Story Electric Step through Bike – $1,850.00
  • Story Electric Road Bike – $1,895.00
  • Story Electric Commuter Bike – $1,850.00

Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping is free if you’re living in the United States. They do not offer international shipping but plan to do so soon. Current delivery time is 5-10 business days. All Story Bikes have a 1-year warranty included. But normal wear such as tires, brakes pads, chains is not covered. Story Bikes has an open return policy where you have 14 days to try it out. In case you are not satisfied with your bike, you’ll get a 100% refund of your purchase price.

Reviews and Testimonials

The bikes are a big hit and have been stated to be among Oprah’s favorite things of 2017. Here are the testimonials which come from genuine customers.
Story Bikes Reviews


Story Electric Bikes are the best companion for the on-the-go lifestyle. They are also eco-friendly, ultra chic and affordable. You will love your ride with Story Bikes.

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