BoardUp is a company that have the ability to say that they have a world first. The BoardUp is the world’s first production self-folding longboard. It began life on Kickstarter and has gone on to become one of the most popular new brands to hit longboarding in a while.

So what exactly does that mean and how well does it work? Keep reading our BoardUp review to find 

What We Like About the BoardUp

The Folding Mechanism – This is what makes the BoardUp what it is. I can’t rave about this enough. It’s a brilliant piece of design that makes this longboard completely unique.

The Build Quality – With many other products out there that rely on one feature to sell them they are often very frugal with the attention paid to the rest of the product. This is certainly not the case with the BoardUp. The entire longboard is built and designed very well.

The Performance – I was fully expecting to have to compromise on the performance of the board with a huge hinge and weak point right in the center of the board. But nope. It acts and feels just as I would expect a longboard of this size and price to act. out.

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The Best Selling Products From BoardUp


BoardUp Classic ( 34″ ) V4

Base Features

  1. The in-house designed aluminum alloy hinge and the front kick pad for reliable locking/unlocking.
  2. A metal protection plate on the tail.
  3. Standard wheels and bearings provide extra flexibility to adjust your driving experience.
  4. Flexible wheel bearings (ABEC-9), weight 8.5 lbs.
  5. Built-in handle for easy transportation


  1. Deck: 34 “long 8 layers of Canadian Maple + 1 layer of fiberglass.
  2. Trucks: 6 “kingpin lifts 51.5 degrees. Easy to turn. (Can be replaced by standard trucks)
  3. Wheels: elastic PU 75 mm x 52 mm high re-bounce wheels. Supports any wheels size less than (<=)83 mm.


  • You can choose to install the reversed Kingpin truck, although this will increase the thickness of your board when it is folded.
  • The distance between trucks is 2 inches longer than that of standard 34-inch longboards, so you have 36″ longboard driving experience with 34″ BoardUp classic.

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BoardUp Classic (Two Complete Boards)

This product is supplied with two (2x) same, pre-assembled BoardUp® plates with the following characteristics:

  • 34 “long 8 layers of Canadian Maple Wood Deck + one layer of fiberglass.
  • BoardUp® Trucks 6 “Kingpin, you can replace it with your favorite brand car
  • Patented aluminum alloy locking hinge with special kick pad on the nose
  • Elastic PU 75 mm x 52 mm wheels with high-quality ABEC-9 bearings

The distance between trucks is 2 inches longer than standard 34-inch longboards, so you have 36 “longboard driving experience with 34” BoardUp.

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BoardUp Bolt+(V4)


  • Dimensions: 34″ x 8.5″ x ( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom). 17″ x 8.5″ x ( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) when it is folded
  • Top Speed: Max approx. 25mph with 90mm wheels.
  • Hill Climbing: Climb at 30 degree hill.
  • Range: Max. 12 miles. The actual range depends on the weight and terrain conditions.
  • ESD Control board: Sine wave signal instead of pulse. Low motor noise. Proven in the market by other brands such as Meepo, Backfire, teamgee.
  • Motor: Two powerful 380 Watt hub motors.
  • Battery: 160 Watts. High-quality Samsung 18650 3.6 Volt 2.2Ah Lithium-Ion batteries are embedded.
  • Recharge Time: Approx. 2 hrs. Charging current 1.5A
  • Weight: 16lbs 12oz ( 7.6KG) ( including 2 motors, a battery pack, a control circuit, a full feature BoardUp).
  • Max load: 220lbs
  • Water resistance: IP45 ( not support immersion. But it is ok to run through puddles)
    Wheel: 90mm, The rubber wheels that cover the hub motor can be easily replaced to save maintenance costs.
  • Battery holder: It’s made of durable aluminum. It is sleek and not heavy.
  • Remote Control: 4 speed mode and 4 brake mode. LCD screen showing the battery level of both the Boardup-Bolt and the remote controller.
  • Regenerative braking: Supported.
  • Color: Black.

The board can be locked from movement, easy to get on before riding by holding the throttle on the controller. The board is updated to V4.

Package includes 1 remote controller (With LCD Screen), 1 charger, 1 BoardUp-Bolt+

The distance between two trucks is 2 inches longer than standard 34″ longboards, so you will have 36″ longboard riding experience with 34″ BoardUp.

For international customers, we cover import tax for electric version but NOT for other models.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an exciting, innovative, and efficient way to improve your commute or getting around campus then the BoardUp is one of the best products on the market. The self-folding design works remarkably well and takes very little practice to become accustomed to. The rest of the board is as of a high a quality as the folding mechanism which leads to a great performance and some exciting carving. It’s also priced quite reasonably and should cost you no more than $200.  

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