OwnBoard Review – Electric Skateboards With Some Amazing Features

When it comes to OwnBoard, they are a customer-oriented company which is one of the leading strategic suppliers of high-quality skateboards and longboards offering fair prices and excellent service. They strive to be the world’s leader in selling the best high-quality electronics skateboards with excellent and reliable services. Ownboard is a company which was founded in 2013 and is registered in Hong Kong, China, and the USA. It has a fast accelerating growth which has quickly propelled the company into one of the best well-known electric skateboarding manufacturers.

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What’s available on the Ownboard?

At Own Board, you get access to the best electric skateboards & electric longboards. Some of their most popular models include

  • Ownboard W2 (38”) – Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor
  • Ownboard C1S (35.4″) – Electric Skateboard
  • Mini KT V1.0 suggested by RS – Electric Skateboard

Here’s more on their best seller W2

Ownboard W2

The motors of the Ownboard W2 are very significant when compared to the W1S. The electric skateboard is now belt driven. Ownboard with the W2 has now moved away from the Hub motor driven boards which were earlier part of all their skateboards. With hub motors, because they are concealed inside of the wheel and takes up a lot of space. As a result, the polyurethane is very thin.

By having thinner polyurethane, it compromises to ride comfort and grip.

  • Top Speed
  • 26mph / 42kmh

Why choose OwnBoard to buy your electric skateboards?

  • Ownboard driving systems are reliable and powerful.
  • In their product range, they offer hub motor driving systems as well as belt motors with different deck types.
  • They accommodate your special wishes for deck shapes or wheel colors.
  • They give the board smooth acceleration and more control to the rider.
  • The boards are tested for water resistance and in the case of a shallow puddle, gutter run-off, or some sprinkler, you will face no trouble
  • Their boards are made from 2-Layers bamboo + 6-Layers Maple wood, 38*9.05 inches, Flex designed.
  • They offer fast shipping and deliver your orders with excellent customer service.
  • You can achieve top speeds and high range on par with any other top brands with their skateboards and longboards.
  • Get free shipping worldwide
  • 180 days warranty

Shipping Details and Refund Policy

They ship your Ownboard within 3 business days of your order placement. They don’t refund when your order is shipped out or there is an issue with the product you received.

More details on the 3 Month Warranty Period

The warranty period begins from the date when you received your shipment. The period is exactly 90 days from that time.

Customer Ratings

Here’s a sample of their customer reviews

“Very good board, great price, and excellent service”

“I really can’t find any issues with the board, at this price level its very welcoming. I weigh 90kg, live in a hilly area and find the 5,2Ah battery sufficient for 1h of fast riding, you don’t need more. Id wish for automatic start, better breaking at full speed, higher max speed( I make 32 km/h), and better breaking at max charge”

Customers rate them 4.9/5 based on 537 reviews on their website all of which are genuine.


This customer-oriented company offers the best skateboards in the market. They are of good quality, sturdy and for all types of skateboarders. Get the best at the best prices with free shipping worldwide.

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