The Best Electric Skateboards Under $300 You Can Buy

Electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular as you see more people zip through the streets, wind in their air. Their comfortable, fast, technologically advanced and what’s more, they’re affordable too. Gone are the days when you had to shell out huge bucks to own one. Here’s a list of good quality skateboards we’ve put together for you- all under the affordable rate of $300.

Electric Skateboards Comparison

Top Electric Skateboards under $300

1. Teemo Board

The Teemo Board is a high-quality electric skateboard which is waterproof, 250 W dual motor and powerful regenerative brakes. The board has good features for its affordable price and can charge in around 2.5 hours. Ideal for cruising through smooth roads.


  • Well Built
  • Fast
  • Intelligent boot
  • German FAG Bearings, the best in the world
  • Smooth Ride


  • Does not support heavier people

2. Blitzart Tornado

This electric skateboard offers a great ride with a 700W hub motor. The design looks pleasing to the eye and the board is made up of maple wood which is flexible yet sturdy.


  • Remote battery lasts longer on a single charge
  • Highest speed of 23 mph for lighter people
  • Ships fully assembled


  • No regenerative braking
  • Remote control not of the highest quality

3. HOVERZONE Hoverjet

A perfect combination of comfort, speed, and style, this board offers you a smooth ride at a maximum speed of 11 mph. The solid maple wood deck provides stability and its wireless remote allows absolute control to maintain speed. The patented Aegis Armor technology offers extra security with multilayered battery protection.


  • Easy to handle
  • Solid maple wood deck makes it sturdy
  • Low price


  • Motor not as good as the other electric boards

4. PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard

This has good quality, amazing design, and a full 1-year warranty. The dual 350 W motor ensures it is powerful and it an easy carry heavy persons. It has a low charging time of only two hours and at a high-speed mode, it runs at 12.4 mph which one of the best in the business.


  • It is lightweight and easy for children to ride
  • Suitable for both old and young
  • Dual motor is very powerful


  • Braking system needs improvement

5. Acton Blink Lite

One of the lightest skateboards around, it’s a great pick for kids and teens. Comes with LED lights for safety and charges in under 2 hours. The simple to use remote control offers the rider complete control at the press of a button. Overall it’s an easy-to-maintain product.


  • Great for beginners
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Great portability
  • Economical and easy-to-use


  • It isn’t waterproof, not to be ridden in rain

6. Atom Electric H.4

Another board ideal for small to medium sized riders looking to have some fun! It’s got a light weight motor and the kick-tail deck shape is perfect for a comfortable ride. There’s a battery level indicator which is extremely useful to know when it’s time to go back and an ergonomic remote control which makes controlling your board, easy.


  • Good to ride on rough terrains
  • Extremely good quality
  • Reliable customer care offers good post-sale services
  • Good range


  • Maximum weight load is low at around 165 lbs.
  • Top speed of about 9 mph is low for the price offered

With electric skateboards under $300, you can expect a decent ride, not of the league of higher skateboards, but it’s a starting point. Beginners, smaller distance commuters, teens and those who ride smooth terrains only can opt for skateboards with a decent performance in this price range.

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