Top Skateboard Tips and Tricks you will Love

Don’t we all love those zooming skateboarders surfing down the street and zipping away! A good skateboard is what everybody looks forward to and here are some stellar tips and tricks to let you know how you can make the most of your skateboards.

What are the Tips to look for in an Ideal Skateboard?

Size of the Skateboard Deck

Decks are an important part of providing a good support for skateboarders and choosing the right deck will definitely enhance your experience. Beginners should settle for broader decks and ignore length while seasoned skateboarders can look also look for height from the ground.

skateboards sizes

Decide on the type of board

Purchase based on your preferences on whether you need a classic, a longboard or a street broad.

  • Longboards are suited for smooth rides and they are great for beginners.
  • Classics are for those who might use it in any terrain.
  • Streets are typical skateboards which are good for regular cruising especially on busy streets.

Purchase from a reliable source

You can try the skateboard you want to purchase first.  The few extra dollars you spend when you try and purchase it and maybe exchange will be definitely worth it if you zero in on your dream board.

  • A good complete skateboard can cost anywhere between $50-$200
  • A custom made one cost between $90-$500

Get the right Skateboard Gear

Get good skate shoes are built with a large flat bottom and help you better grip the board. Other features include reinforcement in areas where the shoe will wear down. Wear protective gear like helmets and protective pads.


Stand on the skateboard and only if you are comfortable with the feel, go ahead and buy it! Set the board on some grass and carpet and try balancing on only front and back wheels. Get comfortable with the feel and only then go ahead with your purchase.

Skateboard Wheels

Street skating wheels are generally smaller and they’re lighter weight and responsive making them easier to flip. Wheels are measured in millimeters and a good size for street skating is from 49 – 52 mm.
For other types of skating like transition or vert skating, you would go for something around 54 – 60 mm. They are larger and cover more surface area and enable you to speed up for jumps.

Top 3 Skateboards you can buy right now

Ideal for Beginners: Maxfind Max C

For beginners, who are trying to explore the electric rides available this one just for you. This is for all your office-goers and students out there. It’s uncomplicated, lightweight and an ideal companion for quick travel. Great for cruising on the streets with ideal support.

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Another lithium powered skateboard is a budget skateboard if you’re not looking for something too expensive. It is designed for anyone from kids to older people and there’s no compromise on the fun aspect. The boards are smooth, easy to ride and comes to a joystick for speed control.
RazorX Cruiser Pros cons


This is a small and light board for those not too adventurous. It’s great that when the battery is off, it behaves as a traditional skateboard. It’s fast and durable with some interesting features like LED lights underneath the skateboard to illuminate the road at night.
Hope you learnt lots from the above tips and now know how to go about choosing the best skateboard.

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