Best Electric Skateboards Brands Comparison

Are you bored of traditional skateboards and want to try something new? Then, electric skateboards are the right ones for you. These rideable tech devices have taken the world by storm and are the best you can have for personal transportation. Now, with so many skateboards to choose from, how do you go about discovering the right one for you? After considerable research, we’re rounded up and compared the 5 best ones for you. Take note, all you seasoned skaters as well as newbies out there! Check out the  Best Electric Skateboards comparison

Company NameBrandOur RatingDescriptionOur ReviewVisit Site
Inboard M1 Electric SkateboardInboard5 starFun on the GoMust Try Visit Site
Boosted Dualhalo5 starSleek And Fun To RideVisit Site
ACTON BLINKBird5 starThe Best in the BusinessBest SkateboardVisit Site
SWAGTRONSwagtron5 starSay Hello to FutureThe FutureVisit Site
Razor HovertraxEnjoi 5 starColorful and Durable BoardsVisit Site

M1 Electric Skateboard Inboard


  • Top Speed is 24 mph
  • Maximum Range is 7 miles
  • The material of the deck is lightweight wood core and composite.
  • Battery is 43.2v / 97Wh / Lithium Ion.
  • The regenerative braking system is electronic.
  • The maximum rider capacity if this electric skateboard is 250 lbs.
  • The Hill Grade is Up to 17%

The company had a vision of transforming the personal transportation market. The Inboard M1 is designed to be robust and versatile and a great choice for all riders. It is also versatile enough to suit your everyday transportation. The skateboard has an outclass technology which combines the in-wheel motors. It has integrated LED lights and with all its amazing features, it’s a great choice for riders. Experience a smooth acceleration and a steady glide. The skateboard includes an RFLX Remote that offers an effortless control over acceleration as well as braking.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard


  • Range – 7 miles
  • Top Speed – 22 mph
  • Has high acceleration
  • 2,000 watts of power
  • World’s only dual-drive system helps you accelerate easily up a hill
  • There are adjustable power and speed levels for all skill levels.
  • Top quality 100% bamboo deck
  • Easy to handle and ride

The Boosted uses a lithium battery, with powerful motors brakes as well as simple wireless control. This is a beautiful loaded longboard and is an incredible electric vehicle. Both newbies and experts will experience joy while riding it. It is high-tech powered with 3 onboard microprocessors, a multitude of sensors and automotive grade lithium batteries. It also has mobile connectivity.

ACTON BLINK Lite V2 Best Electric Skateboards

  • 15 mph top speed
  • 7 Miles Range
  • LED lights for illumination
  • Connects to apps to track routes, rides, and log miles
  • Doubles up as a traditional skateboard
  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Regenerative Braking

The Blink Lite is the world’s lightest best electric skateboards. This is a small and light board for those not too adventurous. It’s fast and durable with some interesting features like LED lights underneath the skateboard to illuminate the road at night. And we loved the fact that when the battery is off, it behaves like a traditional skateboard. It is portable and fun to ride for kids and teenagers. It contains top-notch lithium-ion batteries which charge fully in 2 hours. It is made for smaller riders up to 130 lbs and is perfect for kids and teens going around the town.

SWAGTRON Swag-board NG-1 Smart Electric Skateboard

This updated Swag board has a Canadian maple deck which is solid yet flexible. It also has upgraded hardware making it streamlined. It has a 7 ply maple deck with an unbelievably smooth foundation and is more energy efficient than ever. The maximum charging time is three hours with a maximum speed of 11 mph up to 10 miles. The Sentryshield technology helps to provide extra battery protection which exceeds all current safety requirements.

  • A speed of 11 MPH and has a range of 10 miles on a single charge
  • Controls speed, braking, and cruise control
  • Durable Polyurethane Wheels – shock-absorbing wheels
  • Maple Wood Deck & Premium Grip Tape
  • UL 2272 CERTIFIED with SentryShield battery technology

Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard

This is a hoverboard which is most technologically advanced ones in the market with plenty of stunning features to offer you the ride of a lifetime. You have 3 different color formats to choose from. The design is really stylish and appealing. This smart-self balancing scooter is again UL 2272 certified with a powerful motor of 350 watts.
The Razor’s built with their exclusive EverBalance Technology, for easier mount and smooth rides. The skateboard features a battery life indicator, fender bumpers, and has a training mode to master the Razor. Can be used to cruise long distances and rough terrains.

  • Speed 8 MPH
  • Motor 350 watts
  • Range 8+ miles
  • Charging Time 2 hours
  • Battery life LED Display
  • Great grips
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