Acton Global Review – Innovative E-Rides for All Types of Riders

The name ACTON is synonymous with skateboards of superior quality and their skateboards are for all, designed and manufactured to be technologically superior and innovative in the micro transportation industry. Founded in 2013, ACTON is one of the earliest pioneers in this field and is expert in the category. With a good brand like ACTON global, you get a one-stop-destination for all your best deals on skateboards and scooters.

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What’s available on Acton Global?

Acton Blink SR
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Acton Skates
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  • M Scooter Pro
  • Skateboard
  • RocketSkates
  • Skating Accessories

Acton M scooters are fleet-ready electric scooters to be ridden by anyone. They are loved by people of all ages and are sturdy, rugged and contain heavy-duty welds. They reach a top speed of 18.6 mph and are powered by a solid 400 watts hub motor. The wider deck makes riding safe and comfortable even for inexperienced riders.

  • They can cover a solid 30+ mile range
  • Integrated Smart Lock for extra safety
  • Shock absorbers for a smooth ride
  • Integrated smart lock
  • 18+ mph


It is a small and light board suited for those who are not too adventurous. It’s fast and durable and has got some interesting features like LED lights underneath the skateboard to illuminate the road at night. We also loved the fact that when the battery is turned off, it acts like a traditional skateboard.

  • LED lights for illumination × Limited Warranty
  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Doubles up as a traditional skateboard


This is one of the lightest skateboards you have around, even kids would love it for the high-tech feel it gives out. It is a smart skateboard which easily pairs via Bluetooth to an app. With the help of the app, the board can be used to set various modes, track distance and routes and a lot more can be done offering complete control over your board. It offers a decent range of up to 5 miles and cruises at 10 mph. We say it is a great pick for kids and teens. Note that the shape of the deck is also uncomfortable for a few experienced riders. Overall, an ideal pick for your kid’s short distance commutes!

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Why opt for Acton range of e-rides?

  • Acton is about smart & efficient personal transportation
  • Acton Blink Lite is the world’s lightest hub-motor electric skateboard.
  • All their skateboards have a fantastic design
  • They are all affordable.
  • Comes equipped with the latest technology and innovative designs
  • Can be connected to an app for complete control
  • They are regarded by many as having the most technologically advanced and innovative products in the micro transportation industry.
  • Different types of skateboards are available at the same place to suit different types of riders.
  • Through retailers, their products are available worldwide.
  • QU4TRO is the only eBoard that boasts four-wheel drive.

Shipping and Returns Policy

There’s free shipping for all orders above $200. They currently do not accept orders from outside the U.S and you can contact local retailers if you wish to buy them. Contact them at [email protected] for initiation of return request and obtain authorization for return. If you’re not happy with the product, simply return it within 14 days. This only applies to orders from ACTONGLOBAL.COM. In case of any queries, you can contact their customer care at [email protected]

14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Acton wants their customers to be completely satisfied with the purchases. If you’re not happy with the product within 14 days, simply return it back to them for a full refund.


They seem to be really confident of what their brand offers since they publish all reviews about their brand from different top sites like Business Insider, Forbes, Buzzfeed. etc. We give them an overall high rating of 4/5. Most of their customers have given positive reviews too.

Our Rating: 4/5


We loved ACTON for the range of products they offered. We were particularly impressed by their M Pro electric scooter and the Blink range of skateboards. This is a one-stop-shop for all types of skateboards, be it beginners or pros. Do check out their site and you would love to buy from them.

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