Spadger Review – Top Notch Hoverboards and Skateboards

Spadger is a California based brand known for its quality products which come with great riding experience. Spadger is dedicated to creating the best hoverboards, electric scooters & electric skateboards. Their customers rate their products highly and they are known to deliver top class riders with some of the latest technology.

What are the Products available on Spadger?

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Spadger is home to some of the best electric riders in the market. Make way for the best

  • Electric skateboards
  • Hoverboards
  • Gadgets

Here’s a look at some of the best sellers of the Spadger brand.

G1 Premium Hoverboard

Premium Hoverboard Auto-Balancing Wheel with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights
Price: $179.00
This hoverboard has been receiving rave reviews and buyers just can’t stop speaking about it. IT incorporates the best in technology with a blend of fine craftsmanship to give you a state-of-the-art hoverboard. It comes at a budget-friendly price incorporating features like app controlled speed and LED lights for safety and aesthetics as well. The Bluetooth not only connects to the app but can play music as well.
Other features include:

  • Powerful Performance – You can race up to 7.5+ mph
  • Dual Motor – 250-watt
  • Auto Self Balancing Technology- G1 new auto self-balancing system,
  • The smart APP — Helps check current speed, battery data, adjust speed, LED lights etc.
  • Bluetooth Speaker — Build-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Has a UL2272 Certificate – A hallmark of safe riding.
Package Includes the Following:
1 x Spadger Self Balancing Scooter
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Certificate

Spadger SS-K02 Electric Skateboard

The SS-K02 skateboard is powered by 350 watts brushless dual motors.
It can race up to 22 mph max and miles max range and 65 max loading. You get a premier user experience with 2nd generation, 2.4 wireless remote controllers.
The best features include:

  • Super Powerful Brushless Dual Motors
  • 2Gen 2.4G Wireless Remote Controller
  • 100% Safety and 12-Months Warranty

Why choose Spadger skateboards and hoverboards?

  • Great price with state-of-the-art technology

All the hoverboards and skateboards have the smart self-balancing technology and you can start riding in  minutes

  • Easy to use

It can be easily used by even 6-year-old kids. Kids can even play music while riding.

  • Very well made and ergonomic products

Can raise up to a speed of 7 .5 miles per hour. It contains powerful dual 250-watt motors for power riding.

  • Durable

Long lasting made of the strongest materials.

  • LED lights and Bluetooth technology which connects to Smart App

Built-in Bluetooth speakers, led lights etc.

What is the Shipment Policy and Return Policy at Spadgers?

All purchases are eligible for a refund within fourteen days from the date of receipt. For quality defects, contact the customer service for replacement or refunds.
All orders are shipped from USA local warehouse within hours of confirmation of payment. All orders are received within two-four working days. Shipping is free on almost all products.


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With ultra smooth riding, Spadger hoverboards are great for anybody. Their smart features and value addition like Bluetooth speaker and Led lights to offer a stable and great riding experience.

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