Backfire Boards Review – Skateboards for all Riders with Advanced Features

Backfire Board is a name synonymous with skateboards in the US. Their founders Randy and Jerry have been skateboarding since their college days in the early 2000s. As students, they realized the good ones were overpriced and the decently priced ones were not good enough. They co-founded Backfire Skateboards in 2009 and since then have helped deliver high quality, affordable skateboards all over the world. Backfire entered the electric skateboard field in 2014 and introduced the successful Backfire G1, followed by Backfire G2. They have their biggest warehouse in China, with California and Germany being other destinations. Here’s a look at how good their skateboards and longboards are and if they fit the bill to be among the best.

What’s available on Backfire Boards?

Backfire Boards Ranger X1
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Backfire Boards Backfire G2t
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  • Backfire regular Longboards
  • Backfire Electric Longboards

New riders can try their regular longboards which are non-electric boards. These starter boards will help you learn the nuances of skateboarding with the right movements you need to stay balanced. They also allow you to ride at your own pace. These beginner longboards are also perfect gifts for kids to stay outdoors and for newbie adults.

Backfire Electric Longboards:

They have three popular ones – G2S, G2T, Ranger X1

  • These Backfire electric longboards are for those with a sense of fun and adventure. They have speed levels and hill-climbing abilities that are unmatched.
  • G2S electric longboards are ready for you to ride. This is the upgraded version of their original G2 and gives flexible smooth turning and stable high-speed riding.
  • For the strong ones, try the Ranger X1 off-road longboard. Equipped with four 6.5”(165mm) all-terrain rubber wheels, this can go anywhere you want, including grass, mud, and rocks. With an electric longboard motor and a charge that lasts 20 miles, there’s nothing more you need.
  • Backfire 2019 New Model G2T – Try this latest 2019 model with the most advanced features. Galaxy G2t now gives you extraordinary carving experience and improved stability in high-speed riding.

Why choose the Backfire Board Skateboards and Longboards?

  • Their skateboards like the Backfire Galaxy G2 has a powerful and advanced powertrain system.
  • All Backfire boards have a unique design where they have turned innovative ideas into reality.
  • Backfire has a specifically developed FOC controller for skateboards which adopts the frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology.
  • Backfire boards have the most advanced and safest battery pack in the system.
  • All their boards have a very sturdy deck with a special arc bridge design.
  • All their skateboards are equipped for high speed movement with little ground clearance due to which you can also get a better posture during skating.
  • All goods are water resistant
  • They offer 6 months (180 days) warranty on all parts from the date when you receive the board.

Shipping and Returns

They ship to most of the counties worldwide except certain countries with import limitation of electric skateboards. Since they are China based, when the order ships from China, it takes about 7 to 20 days to reach you depending on your destination. If the delivery is from California, you can get it within 5 business days. They accept returns within 7 days of delivery if their products are in Brand New condition with all accessories in the original package. All the customer needs to do is to pay for the return shipping cost to their closest facility as advised by their support team. They provide a refund, not including any shipping charges.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Overall Rating – 4.6/5
  • Performance – 4.5/5
  • Looks and Design – 4.7/5
  • Value for Money – 4.6/5

Customers have mostly positive feedback on their skateboards. Their success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo shows how strong and multi-functional their boards are which make them a hit with customers. While they are priced on the higher side, its worth paying for a board which can give you the best ride with advanced features. The sleek look and elegant design have found many fans as also the speed and battery life.

Conclusion – The Right Board for all riders

Delicate careful design, good posture, and physical feeling and little ground clearance overall provide you a great riding experience. The beginners would love their non-electric skateboards all priced below $100 and their electric skateboards which start at $599 and go all the way up to $999. Get ready for a slightly lower shipping but great ride experience.

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