7 Benefits of Roller Blading that will Surprise you

Roller Blading is cool, we all know that. It is a perfect sport that can be both professional and recreational. This form of inline skating derives its name from the brand Rollerblade that made it popular. It is important to note that Rollerblade co. did not invent them; they were just apt at marketing. However, its health benefits abound and its importance on that aspect is either undermined or not known. This is, however, not an assumption. It is a proven fact and even proven with medical research. It can be used as an outdoor aerobic activity and be that perfect alternative to jogging, walking or running. Let us see 7 benefits of rollerblading or inline skating.

  • Muscle Endurance:

The advantage of Roller Blading is how it acts on your muscles. Most people assume running, bicycling do the best when it comes to endurance and development but they are highly mistaken. Inline skating involves all the complex muscles like upper leg, hips, buttocks and lower back. This builds up strength, controls and maintains balance and even tones the muscles.

  • Improves Balance:

Rollerblading will ensure you maintain balance required in many activities. What happens is in rollerblading your lower back and abdominal muscles move forward and backward giving them the perfect exercise. This will energize them and reduce fatigue.

  • Improves Heart Health:

There has been an increase in heart diseases and this has led reportedly to approximately 787,000 deaths only in the USA. These shocking numbers show us the alarming rate of heart problems. Roller skating strengthens your heart muscle and increases heart beats per minute effectively promoting good health and energy. Also since they work on your arms and legs, the core is strengthened and the body becomes fit

  • Weight Loss:

On a side note, weight loss is one of the most amazing benefits of rollerblading. It will burn your calories much more than treadmills do. It is a rigorous exercise will work on your fat and consume calories. An hour of rollerblading burns 913 calories which is huge as compared to the 584 calories that jogging burns. Thus this is a perfect cardiovascular exercise cum hobby.

  • Improves Moods:

There is an increase in endorphins (the happy hormone) when you skate, this will relieve bad moods and set in a good swing. It also alleviates brain pain caused due to stress and one will feel good and more vital. This also improves focus and concentration making your mood more regulated. One begins to dramatically feel active and there is an improved, renewed self.

  • Defeats Diabetes:

Diabetes, as we all know, is a disease caused due to a sedentary lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes, in particular, is due to the lack of physical activity and one has to be more active to cope or combat it. Rollerblading fits the bill perfectly and controls insulin levels and relieves stress and strengthens the heart and makes the bones strong. It improves good cholesterol levels and since all organs are involved, it is a great aerobic activity.

  • Prevents Injuries:

Roller Blading has a positive impact on joint health and this has a deep impact on other sports like running, jogging. When you skate, a fluid motion ensures that any brisk motion does not hurt your joints. This even strengthens them as improved muscular endurance works here.

Apart from this, it also improves stamina, improves metabolism, inculcates a good mood, reduces stress levels and helps one get in the best shape possible. Rollerblading gives your body a great strength toning and works more effectively than other common aerobic activities. These days’ doctors also recommend some activity to cope with how things are running currently. Choose rollerblading and have fun while you skate your stress away.

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