Cool Gifts For Your Skateboarder Pal This Holiday Season

The right gifts for skateboarders are definitely difficult to shop for. Don’t get us wrong. You will find plenty of options but choosing the right ones and the right stores may be a tad difficult. But’s it’s not so any longer. We love that you sneaked in here and as a reward, we’ve done some great research and found some amazing gifts you can buy. Here’s a list of the top gifts for Skateboarders to enjoy this Holiday season.

Vans Classic Slip-On Skate Shoes

Vans Classic Slip

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These shoes are great for skateboarding, and they make a cool statement when you are just hanging out. Stylish and comfy, these trainers from Vans are a must-try for any skateboarder. These are available in checkered as well as solid colors. The slip-on style gives a lot of flexibility to skaters which are needed flip without restriction, besides offering support and soft cushioning effects.
Price: $98

Adidas Originals Run 5-Panel Cap

Adidas Cap

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The fit is perfect, the look uber-cool and there’s a 5-panel design! What more does a skateboarder need, to attract attention to all ways? This cool cap with mesh paneling at the back has an adjustable fit for any skateboarder and is a fun accessory to gift.
Price: $35

Skate America T-Shirt

Skate America T-Shirt

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Their products are soaring in popularity and it would be cool to own one of them. Gift your skateboarder pal one of these stylish t-shirts. It’s like your endorsing skating as a way of life. They have done a roaring trade in clothing in recent times – you see their logo sported by every skateboarder.
Price starts as low as $4

Skateboard Storage, Display, Organizer – Portable Stand

Skateboard Storage

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Keep your skateboards safe, stow them in the right place! This one is portable letting you carry it anywhere and use it when needed. Skateboarders can even take it to parks or offices, to hold boards and accessories. It holds boards vertically or horizontally and can fit into any space. The wheels will no longer make ugly marks on the walls. There’s a compartment for accessories as well.
Price: $10

Board Blazers – LED Under glow Lights

Board Blazers

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A classy way to instantly customize your board is the top choice of kids and pro skaters. Just fix the lights under trucks to grind, flip, and slide in style. A perfect gift to drive any skateboarder crazy.
Price: $19.99

Olloclip 4-In-1 Phone Lens


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If you are looking for something way more expensive, this is the right gift for you. This device will make filming your mates more fun on your phone. It has the ability to capture panoramic scenes, making it great for group shots. It’s four lenses in one, so you can film in 10x macro, 15x macro, wide-angle and fish-eye, all essential for skateboard shots.
Price: $40

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Last but not least, don’t know what accessory your loved skateboarder lacks? Worry not, these Holiday Gifts Cards will come in handy. Almost all brands have come up with gift cards, starting $10 and above. They can pick and choose what they like and would love you for your thoughtful gift! Check out the Skate Ware House Gift Card starting from $25 upwards.
Price: $25 onwards

Watch out as we keep updating this space with some latest gifts!

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