Best Upcoming Skateboards Of 2020

The year 2019 promises plenty on the skateboard front, with a lot of exciting models and new styles coming up. From ‘intelligent’ too lightweight, you have some amazing variant of skateboards coming up this New Year. Here’s a brief look!

XTND – World’s First Electric Board with AI – XTND, Inc. 

Price – $1299
The XTND Board is a lightweight electric vehicle which redefines urban transportation and it is an intelligent board. It is available on Kickstarter for pre-order. The Super Early Bird helps you get the XTND Board with all AI and smart features at a reduced price.
The XTND board’s artificial intelligence allows it to collect data on how you ride, evaluate it and create a customized setting to adapt to the way you prefer to ride. The board also teaches you to ride based on the data and the more you ride it, the better it gets!

IvoryBoard Mk II – The Most Versatile Electric Skateboard 

Price – AU$849
These boards are available on QuickStarter and come equipped with the latest technologies. They have any-deck compatibility, swappable wheels, replaceable battery as well as seamless 4WD integration. Early birds get it at a Retail Price: $999USD (approx. 43% off)
It has a slick Mk II motor built around the in-wheel hub motor technology. They are easily removable while still delivering 2000W of power.  The compact design allows the boards to free-wheel without significant resistance. This is one board you’ve got to watch out for in 2019.
IvoryBoard Mk II
(Kickstarter and Indiegogo)

Serpent Series Electric Skateboards by KuickWheel – Available on Kickstarter, Indiegogo 

Serpent Series Electric Skateboards
The Serpent Series has been in the limelight for quite some time now and get set to order them this 2019 as well. SERPENT-C is the smallest and lightest electric skateboard, and SERPENT-W is the coolest electric skateboard. With the Serpent C, save $150 from the MSRP $349!
Get SERPENT-C, the smallest & portable electric skateboard for only $169.The Serpent C is powerful for its size and is the smallest electric skateboard. It weighs only 2.9 kg and is a masterpiece when it  comes to this small package which is unbelievably sturdy. 
Price – $169

The Serpent-W is also super-easy to use and you have a force-sensitive remote control. It has attractive color lights and has a powerful 1800w dual brushless motor. When it comes to casual transport or speedy transport, this motor never fails you!
Serpent Series Electric Skateboards
Price – $499


The new age of skateboards is here! Smart boards, equipped with AI, small and extremely lightweight – you name them, they are going to be available. We are sure there will be more from reputed brands with some interesting upgrades. Watch out this space as we keep updating it as we get more information.

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