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Inboard Technology is the manufacturer of high-performance transportation solutions that are low weight. The solutions are lightweight and engineered for flexibility. The Santa Cruz, California based company was founded through the collaborative and concentrated efforts of engineers, designers, and athletes. They seek to manifest and create streamlined, integrated, seamless products. They develop cutting-edge technology and are working for better commute experiences through cities around the world.

Inboard Skateboards Coupon Codes

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It aims to –

  • Improve the commute experience
  • Create innovative transportation ways
  • Forge on the green footprint
  • Save time
  • Reduce traffic and conserve energy

They are an accomplished engineering company that seeks to create a viable impact on the transportation technology of the world.

What are the Best Products of Inboard Technology?

M1 Skateboard
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M1 Artist Series
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The Glider
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This is the world’s first skateboard that has motors inside the wheels. M1 is the flagship product and is a result of years of endeavor. It is built with innovation and an attention to detail. M1 has the most advanced e-board deck technology and a reinforced truck mounting point system. This innovation is remarkably light and durable. It is optimized for response and has a fiberglass top sheet that one finds in skis.

  • Top speed feature
  • Maximum stability
  • Eliminate range anxiety with powershift battery
  • Easy swap batteries
  • Safe for air travel
  • Splash resistant

M1 Artist Series

This has the technology of M1 and is designed by Jeremiah Kille. It is special in the hand-crafted design that makes it look exclusive. Also, this is limited to 50 boards. Other amazing features include:

• Powershift batteries that are easy to swap
• Dual in-wheel motors
• RFLX remote for acceleration and control
• 3 safe riding modes
• Integrated LED headlights and taillights

The Glider

This is the high point of hardware mastery and effective software expertise confluence. This is a smart scooter that is the second innovative product. It is innovatively engineered from scratch and designed with intention. The e-mobility vehicle has a hub motor and regenerative braking. It is best for urban wear and tear.

  • Stable and consistent power
  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Reliable product with total control
  • It has constant connectivity and advanced security

Are Inboard Technology Products safe to use?

Inboard Technology has recognized the importance of making our community well-informed and safe. It is recommended to use a helmet to avoid serious injury. They even have an Inboard helmet. Inboard products also have LED lights for easy visibility. The products have programmed their eco-friendly vehicles or multiple riding models.


Inboard Technology is the world’s first company to make electric skateboard with motors in wheels. This has stemmed from the passion and love for sustainability and engineering. Its regenerative braking and LED lights have won an appeal. They have received accolades for the product. Inboard Technology has raised nearly $500,000 on Kickstarter. It also received a whopping  $750,000 from Shark Tank. This has led to it being touted to become the Tesla of skateboards.

Bottom Line

Inboard Technology is an innovative company that has futuristic, amazing eco-friendly products. It forges a path for sustainable cities and communities. Inboard Technology pioneered the motor in wheels movement and won applause and customers from all over the world. It is deftly engineered and designed well. The agility and attention to detail set this brand of electric skateboards apart. We know the future is sustainable lifestyle coupled with style and Inboard does it like no other. If you are looking to save time, fuel cost and do your bit for the planet, Inboard Technology has a product for you.

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